Leviant’s mission is to democratize access to safe environments. Our products employ our patented UV delivery technology (FMUV) and provide greater than 99.99% disinfection in 90 to 120 seconds.

This enhances and enables intra-day and terminal cleaning uses throughout all areas of the hospital – both for rooms as well as equipment – making our products ideal for worker and patient safety.

Our two devices are unique:

The Space-1 is built like a spider and can be deployed “curled up” in a small patient bathroom or expanded to fit larger rooms.  It’s four arms can be readily deployed and reach 15’ x 15’, thus putting every nook and cranny of most patient and operating rooms within a few feet.

The E300 is the only UV device on the market that has UL certification for use with people in the room.  It is focused on high-touch, high-risk equipment for use in the OR, ED, NICU, Burn Units and other high traffic areas such as food service.  We also offer this device in agriculture and related areas.

Effective Solutions for Workflow




~ 90 Seconds


Stay in the room for equipment cleaning, rapid deployment and operating time

1 in 20 patients will contract a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) during their stay

Infections not only harm patient health and trust but also hospital profits. Additional care due to infection is rarely fully paid for. Lower the infection rate and you’ll see healthier patients and economic savings.



Deaths per year resulting
from HAI’s in the US alone


Cost per infection


Total number of patients
with HAI’s in the US per year


Annual costs for US
healthcare providers

Why embrace new infection prevention methods


  • Everything is still done by hand and requires harsh chemicals
  • Thousands of surfaces to cover
  • No room for human error
  • High labor turnover


  • Increased pathogen resistance to antibiotics and cleaning agents
  • Surfaces remain contaminated for months at a time
  • Spores and other difficult to kill


  • New laws (section 2819) require public reports on performance
  • Patient has a choice in facilities


  • HAIs add 8-19 days length of stay
  • Medicare reimbursement is withheld from hospitals with the highest HAIs
  • Penalties may and often are assessed