Connected Software & Analytics

Leviant provides secure mobile and desktop solutions.  Each device is managed by our mobile app, which operates on a smart tablet.  It is extendable to host and/or integrate with other software tracking systems focused on recording and tracking infection prevention efforts.  Frontline workers can also access additional training and user information to ensure proper deployment.

The mobile app directly links to a desktop portal, which gathers and organizes all user data from each device within a building and/or system.  This enables enterprise and building specific as well as user specific data representation and analysis.  Leviant’s team is constantly adding new analytics features and investing in  establishing standard-setting best practices.

It can also be accessed via Leviant’s software, which enables seamless, real-time, actionable data, and analytics. A mobile application solution that offers health systems direct communication to track machine health, usage, training compliance, and other important data.

* Leviant self-contained software solution is fully independent of hospital IT systems and tracks non-PHI data only.

The tools & data to drive continuous improvement


  • Tracks protocols
  • Optimizes user engagement
  • Promotes user engagement and collaboration
  • Benchmarking data for usage
  • Tracks machine health metrics


  • Shareable protocol compliance data
  • Training and protocol documentation
  • Administrative-only access to documents and support


  • Remote user support and help desk
  • Assess operational issues
  • Trending analysis to promote user competencies and additional training
  • Continued protocol optimization

Product Portfolio

Equipment Treatment: E300

A modular paneling system powered by FMUV that treats every surface of healthcare equipment for the purposes of disinfection in 90 seconds.

Full Space Treatment: SPACE-1

A modular device powered by FMUV that provides full room illumination for treating entire spaces or rooms for the purposes of rapid disinfection.